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Welcome to the JetBlue Airways scuba diving portal!!!

Wether you are a diver or want to learn how to scuba dive this is the best place to start. As airline employees we conquered the skies, but there is one more unfriendly environment for people - water! Scuba Diving will take you to the places only selected and skilled individuals can access and enjoy. 

The beauty of underwater world is hard to describe. Once you get below the surface it feels magical, calm, peaceful. Every time you dive the experience takes you to the world of tranquility. You will find creatures you have never seen before, explore colorful reefs and dive back in time on shipwrecks of the deep.

So if you are ready for the adventure fasten your seatbelt let me take you on the trip of your life to visit magical world of the oceans and lakes !!!

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JetBlue Scuba Weekend

May 3rd - 6th 2019, Key Largo, FL

Have you ever wanted to experience scuba diving or get certified? Join us for special JetBlue Scuba Weekend with your families and try scuba, get certified or if you are already certified, enjoy unforgettable scuba diving in Florida Keys with fellow JetBlue crewmembers. 


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Falling in love with Hawaii

Oahu and Maui surpassed my expectations in many different ways. Hawaii is underrated scuba diving spot with thriving marine life, stunning vertical walls and caves. Watch this video from the trip last September and see for yourself why it is one of the best places to dive in the world. Plus my life long dream to dive with Dolphins finally became reality.

Amazed with Hawaiian beauty we decided to go there again this year. We will be visiting remaining two Islands - Big Island and Kauai. Epic Manta Ray dives are on the radar.


From the small trip plans to one of the greatest and most memorable diving trips. Grand Cayman surprised me in all aspects of underwater beauty and over 100 ft visibility. See for yourself how Cayman Island can capture your love for scuba diving


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